2007. október 23., kedd

The Global Elite exchange experience on how to repress demonstrations.

According to János Veres, the Secretary of the Treasury in Hungary, pointed at onto that in the latter days the United States set examples how has to ascend in front of the rambunctious overlooking the street.

In a conversation between Clay Lowery - Assistant Secretary for International Affairs - and Janos Veres – Secretary of Threasury in Hungary –, they were speaking about how to repress demonstrations.
"It was clear, that is brought up the question what we learned on that occasion of how to oppose against demonstrators on the streets of Washington D.C." – said Janos Veres.

The article appeared in the morning of 23 october in Népszava, with the intention to intimidate the population of Hungary for the day of celebrating 1956 october 23’s uprising.

All of you, American Freedom Fighters, just figure out where will this conversations lead to!
All of you should see what was happened last year, with the occasion of 50’th anniverary of the 56’s uprising, here in Hungary.
Just read the following article and watch the film within. It will reveal something very important about NWO.
How the NWO is manipulating Hungarians to hide from them Ron Paul and his message

Remember that, the 56’s uprising it was a too early uprising. In that early days only a few could understand its real meaning and at the end the tyranny transformed into a massacre.
By now, the big picture of the struggle for real liberty is understood by many nations. That means, the time has come to. And now many nations might help each others in that Spiritual Revolution. Hungarians are one of the nation who will take part of them.

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