2008. augusztus 4., hétfő

The freedom manifesto of a cardiolog from Hungary

Prof. Dr. Papp Lajos, the internationally acknowledged hungarian cardiolog retired from his position as a director, promising that from now on will serve only the patients, refusing any form of collaboration with the state and his institutions.

"Peoples in Hungary, herein the patients, more clearly the patients with heart disease are in grave situations. Any results can be achieved only by awakening to the fact that if we are not put our hands to plough our life by ourselves, but we are relying on the current rule, the state, then we will perish. Therefore from here certain kind of hue and cry, that everybody in their place in their localities tries to make some sacrifice for her and their family and the nation." – declared to hirTV. (here is the original transcript)

He also used to walk the country teaching peoples to the almost one thousand years old constitution which limited the power of any form of government.

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